Sumter Utilities and Important Information

 Shut off dates and new service dates can be coordinated between the buyers and sellers to avoid unnecessary charges.  Coordinate these dates with your Realtor.


County Administration

County Administration Office                436-2100

City Administration Office                      436-2500

Tax Assessors Office                         436-2115 

Electric Companies

Black River Electric Cooperative             469-8080

Progress Energy                         1-800-452-2777

Gas Companies

South Carolina Electric and Gas           773-7365

Palmetto Gas Corporation (Propane)        775-4321

Midland Gas (Propane)                         773-3852

Telephone Services

Farmers Telephone Cooperative 469-2525

Verizon                             1-800-483-4000

Cable Television

Time Warner Cable       469-2200

Water Companies

City of Sumter, Water Department 436-2541

High Hills Rural Water Company 499-4118

Waste Handling and Disposal

City of Sumter, Public Works   436-2558

Allied Waste           1-800-327-4562

Waste Management         1-888-964-9730

Automobile Information

Department of Motor Vehicles   1-800-422-1369

Other Useful Numbers

Parks and Recreation 436-2248

Police Department Non Emergency 436-2790

Shaw AFB Operator 895-1110

Sumter County Library 773-7237

Veterans Administration 436-2302

Voter Registration 436-2312