Final Walk Thru

A walk through is normally the buyers last chance to walk through a property before closing and note any issues (new or those noted prior) that need to be addressed by the seller.  Ideally the water and electricity should be on in the home.  Below is a list of items that should be checked but it may not be all inclusive so be sure to review and write down other items or repairs that should be verified.
I like to start at the door you enter from and continue room by room with the inspection to make sure every room is covered.  Then before leaving the home, review your list and make sure you have not missed any items.
  • Are all requested repairs completed?
  • Are any personal items included in the contract still there?
  • Turn on the over head lights and ceiling fan.
  • Are screens in the windows? (If the screens were not there when you made the offer, they will not be here at this point in time either!)
  • Is the room free from debris or the sellers' personal items. (Sometimes the sellers don't vacate until the day of closing and their items may still be in the home.)
  • Are the walls and trim intact? Remember if you are buying a pre-existing home it is just that.  There may be nail holes in the walls.  You are looking for major problems like door trim ripped off during the move or major damage to the walls.
  • Is the flooring in the same shape or better than when you made offer? 
  • Do the windows open and close properly?
  • Inspect ceilings for any damager or signs of water leakage not noted before.
  • Run water and look for leaks under sinks and around faucets.
  • Run exhaust fans in the bathrooms.
  • Flush toilets and make sure they flush properly and check for leaks with the water line and around base.
  • Open and close all doors to make sure they are functioning properly.
  • Test all appliances. Including garbage disposal, dishwasher, microwave and exhaust fan.
  • Run hot water to make sure water heater is working.
  • Check for leaks around the water heater.
  • Test heating and air conditioner if possible.
  • Open and close garage doors and check garage door opener.  Are garage door opener remotes left with the house?
  • Are Owner's Manuals available for appliances and left in the house?  Seller may bring to closing too.
  • Is alarm, door bell and other electrical working?
  • Walk around the exterior of the home.  Verify plantings are still in place and also look for any problems with the roof or other items.