Why I like Sumter

Posted By Kim PeasleyParker @ Dec 30th 2010 7:22am In: Activities In and Around Sumter

Why I like living in Sumter.....

Every town has its good and bad points. I have lived in enough towns to know that. But last week it really hit me about what I like about living in Sumter. We always talk about how Sumter has some of the box stores and restaurants of the larger towns, but still maintains that small town feel.  

This was proven to me again by an afternoon of being out with my daughter. Before I even left the house, there was a police car at the end of the driveway. I was putting Maddie into her car seat and saw it pull up out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked and the young officer greeted me. Then he said “You don’t remember me?” Then it dawned on me it was Sylvia McCabe’s son Michael who is a City of Sumter Police Officer. He and another patrol unit were in our neighborhood investigating a reported sales person doing door to door sales. This is illegal in Sumter without a Peddler’s Permit. He had stopped to ask if we had seen the sales person.

Maddie and I left then and headed downtown to pay those dreaded taxes. Obviously court was in session as there was no street parking around the court house or Administration building. So I parked across Harvin Street. I put Maddie her stroller and we walked up t the cross walk. We waited for a chance to cross this street and it seemed like it was going to be a while. I saw a white truck pull up and stop on the street and wondered what was happening. All of a sudden from behind the grill, lights started flashing. Yes, it was a police pick up truck and he stopped traffic so I could cross the street with Maddie!

Maddie and I timed it right. No line for the treasurer’s office. On the way out as I pushed the stroller through the first door and met an employee who said “Let me get that door!” and held open the second door for me. I left thinking there are not many towns where you can have the police help you across the street, follow up on a reported Peddler in your neighborhood or have a busy employee stop to open a door for you.

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