Venting A Range Hood in Your Sumter Home

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Ever since moving into this house, I have wanted an exhaust hood that actually vented to the outside!  Thanks to my old microwave not heating food the way it should my dream has come true!  

Last Saturday we stopped at our favorite appliance store, Ard’s Appliance.  Ard’s is a local Sumter business who offers great service from the knowledgable owners and son, free delivery, and a wide variety of brands.  We had the microwave in a matter of minutes loaded into the back of the vehicle and were headed home. 

Sunday afternoon was the install day.  I was the helper for the day and was pleased with how easy my husband seemed to make it!  We did the prep work while our daughter napped and then when she woke up, we used the power tools to complete the installation.

First step was removing the old microwave combo.  Good bye old unit.  You have served us well, but you have frustrated me with your stripped out screws on the front grill that 

No More Microwave Sumter Home

made it impossible to remove and clean properly!  So Long!

Second, a template that is included with the appliance is laid in the cabinet and you cut the hole for the vent to fit through.  A reciprocating saw works great for this.
Third, the hole for the duct needs to be cut in the top of the cabinet and ceiling to the attic.
The new unit can be mounted after the hole is cut in the cabinet or after the holes are cut in the top of the cabinet and ceiling.  
Exhuast Ducting Sumter HomeThe duct and is then fitted to the appliance and next a duct is run from the attic down to the appliance to join the transition duct at the appliance.  The duct is then run out the roof with a cap and boot installed to prevent water entry.  

The first thing we discovered after hooking it up was running the vent fan is now much quieter!  We weren’t able to talk in the kitchen with the vent fan running, but now we can!

New Microwave Exhaust Combo Sumter Real Estate
It was a weekend project that improves the quality of living in the house.  I am glad my husband has the background in construction to direct the work, but if one follows the proper steps and does their upfront homework, it is a project well worth the time.



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