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First, I need to thank a real estate agent who will remain anonymous.  This agent had a buyer and sold one of my listings.  I was present for the home inspection as I didn’t know if my seller was going to be home or not.  I followed the home inspector and buyer around the property and listened to the comments and any issues that arose.  Since the buyer and seller were both present I introduced them and they became fast friends.  (Yes, I know this isn’t the normal thing to happen, but it did.)
Then it happened, one day I was working and my phone rang.  It was my seller.  Cool, we were getting close to closing on the property and needed to discuss that last few details.  To my surprise, he called to ask me questions for the buyer!  I know the ethics and real estate law and was apprehensive, but the seller told me the buyer had had NO contact with the buyer’s agent since writing the contract and it being ratified.  The seller also told me that the buyer was using the brokerage owned mortgage company and wasn’t getting any feed back from them either.  At this point, my duties were to make sure we reached the closing table for my seller’s sake.  So I answered the questions I could.  The seller asked basic questions for the buyer and asked if the buyer’s agent shouldn’t be in contact with the buyer the way I was when they purchased the home and I represented them.  I stepped lightly and said each agent is different.  Screaming in my head, “YES this is a first time home buyer who needs hand holding.”  I had been trying to deal with this agent and was having my own issues communicating with them.  So I was very sympathetic to the buyer.
Then it came, finally a call from the buyer’s agent about scheduling a walk thru for their client.  I called the seller and asked about scheduling it knowing it wasn’t necessary.  The seller told me the buyer hadn’t spoken to buyer’s agent yet!  I tried to call the buyer’s agent back and went into voice mail.  The buyer’s agent had no cell phone so I couldn’t call on that.  I decided it was time, I called the broker-in-charge.  I knew the broker-in-charge and explained what was happening.  I told them that it was obvious that the buyer’s agent hadn’t been in contact with her buyer.  I also explained how hard it had been for me to communicate with the buyer’s agent.  I had known for weeks the buyer and seller decided to become roommates and share the house until the seller left town several months later.  The buyer’s agent would have known this had they been talking to their client.  
With closing scheduled the seller and I agree to meet at my office to review the HUD 1 Settlement Statement prior to closing.  The seller walked in with the buyer!  I just went on with business.  I covered the seller’s portion of the HUD 1 Settlement Statement and then asked the buyer if they wanted me to explain their side, with the understanding I was representing the seller.  The buyer said yes.  So we went over it and I answered all the buyer’s questions that I could.  Then I asked the buyer if they had brought their cashier’s check or other certified funds for closing.  I received the deer in the headlights look.  The buyer didn’t know they couldn’t just write a personal check!  You guessed it, the buyer’s agent hadn’t informed the buyer of this requirement.
So upon arrival at the attorney’s office, I immediately go to the paralegal and the attorney to tell them the funds issue and ask them what we can do.  The buyer had out of town accounts and there were issues transferring the funds.  Needless to say, both the attorney and paralegal were asking me why I was communicating with the buyer about this while representing the seller.
We made it through the closing with the buyer’s agent showing up late.  We walked out and I had not one friend as a result of my business but two.  7
So thank you buyer’s agent for not doing what you should.  As a result I have a new friend that is a wonderful person!



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