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Posted By Kim PeasleyParker @ Mar 8th 2011 10:13am In: Seller Information

Many sellers struggle with putting their homes on the market.  Homes are a personal thing.  Homes are where we live.  Where we retreat to after a long hard day.  Where our families met up each day to discuss their days and activities. …....SCREECH!  Stop those thoughts!

As a seller of a home in Sumter, you need to think of this property as a HOUSE.  It is bricks, vinyl, mortar, sheet rock and flooring.  A HOUSE has less emotional attachment than a home.  As a Realtor, one of the first things I learned was a property is a HOUSE to the Seller and a HOME to the Buyer.  It is the emotional attachment that is the only difference.  

So as a seller, you are now living a in HOUSE.  Realizing this helps leave the emotional attachment a little more distant.  This HOUSE is what is standing between you and your next HOME.  Putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes you understand that the buyers are looking for some emotional attachment as well as price and other items.  

Yes, living in a HOUSE is difficult and it is completely different than living in a HOME.  Picking up every morning before you head out for the day and having spur of the moment showings is not a fun thing.  But it is a necessary thing when selling your home.  I have lived in my homes and I have sold houses and indeed cleaning house every night after work isn’t fun, but again it is necessary.

A few suggestions:
  • Declutter - less stuff in the house means less stuff to clean, pick up and clutter the house.
  • Buy products that make cleaning easy.  Wiping down faucets and counter tops with a dry towel after use prevents major clean ups later.  An automatic shower and tub cleaner is a great investment to keep them spotless!
  • If you have pets, be prepared to keep fur balls under control and a plan for getting them crated or removed quickly for showings.
  • Straighten up as you go.
  • Keep stove, fridge and sink spotless and all the crumbs off the counter.
  • Bribe the whole family to help keep the house show ready.

Remember you will only be living in a HOUSE temporarily.  Make it a HOUSE then you are on your way to finding your new HOME!

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