Selling Your Home During The Holidays

Posted By Kim PeasleyParker @ Oct 11th 2019 7:00am In: Seller Information

The real estate market over the past few years has remained much more consistent during the more traditional slower seasons (Winter). But in the most recents years, the sales keep going during the holidays and winter months making the late fall a great time to list your home for sale. There are many reasons that make selling now a great time.

·      There are buyers available in Sumter and the inventory of homes listed for sale is low. Lower than we have seen in years!

·      Interest rates are down, so buyers are taking advantage of them.

·      Buyers who look for homes during the holiday season are more serious buyers. Less serious buyers are off at holiday gatherings and events and not looking at homes.

·      Buyers who close before December 31st, can take advantage of tax deductions for the current tax year.

·      Timing doesn’t always matter to buyers. Some buyers have to move now or over the holidays for jobs. Moves don’t necessarily stay within the school year.

·      Less Competition – Not everyone wants to deal with showings during the holidays. Many sellers want to decorate their homes and be ready for the holiday festivities and not worry about keeping the house ready for a showing.

·      The internet has no season. Buyers are active on the internet over the holidays and especially between Christmas and New Years when many are off work. I have seen the activity for my website spike from Christmas through the New Year holiday. Many military will know they are going to get PCS orders and will be looking online at their next base or duty station.

·      Holiday Travel – many buyers may use the holiday break to travel and house hunt.

·      Money – many buyers will be receiving year end bonuses and gifts of money. They will be ready to put their savings to work for them.


A few hints for selling during the holidays:

·      Decorate for the holidays but don’t go overboard. Make sure to keep important features of the home visible to seller. Red is a great color choice as it emotionally appealing to buyers. But don’t decorate with items that would clash with the current colors in the home.

·      Price it to Sell – Remember the buyers are serious and you should be too.

·      Increase light outside as the daylight fades earlier. Make sure you have plenty of lights on outside for visitors and to make the property look attractive.

·      Add color on the exterior to draw attention as well as make it fell inviting.

·      Since buyers do so much shopping on the internet, make sure your photos are the best possible. You can help make the photography great by clearing rooms of clutter and cleaning.

·      Offer buyers some holiday cheer with some cookies on a platter.

·      Make your home feel as cozy and inviting as possible. If the weather is cool, make sure the house is warm and cheerful.

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