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Maddie's Artwork on the WallYou know that distinctive sound.  The sound a crayon makes when a child uses it on a hard surface like a door or wall.  A hollow sound, just like the hollow feeling you have in the pit of your stomach. That whirrrr whirrrr sounds to your ears makes my stomach do whirrrr whirrrr flip flops.
Thank goodness for that wonderful invention of washable crayons and markers.  But even with those, not 100% of the color and crayon are removed from some surfaces. 
So thus, as my daughter Madeline has discovered crayons and the walls, so begins my search for ways to remove crayons from paint.  I found a great list of 21 Ways to Remove Wax Crayons from
In my house my first line of defense will be new paint.  If you have ever purchased a new home, you realize quickly that the paint used in spec homes is flat, unwashable, dirt magnet latex.  Yes, I took some liberty in adding adjectives, but I don’t think most new homeowners would disagree.  So here comes the washable and scrub able paint!
Now the question, painting over the marks.  Clean the mark off the paint using the appropriate method (washable, non washable, wax, etc.).  Next use a primer on the stained or soiled to prevent bleed through of the crayon or other marks.  As for recommending a primer, check with a paint professional about the type of stain and their recommendations for a primer.  There are a variety of primers for a variety of uses.  You are now ready to paint.


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