Let's Talk... Moving Damages During Sale

Posted By Kim PeasleyParker @ Sep 13th 2019 3:30am In: Seller Information

Let’s Talk… Moving Damages to the Property


You have prepped the house. Cleaned it from top to bottom. Maintained that sense of clean to get a contract (being real here, most houses are not show ready 100% of the time). Made it through the home inspection and repairs. You are now moving out so you can go to closing tomorrow.

Suddenly, out of the moving chaos. You hear those all too familiar words your significant other utters when a something happens. You turn towards the voice and start walking. You shake your head as you see the nice hole in the wall where the headboard and the wall met. The wall lost. Now there is a nice hole in it.

Moving damages occur even with the most experienced movers and the most careful owners. Walls get scuffed. An item gets dropped damaging the flooring or trim. Glass gets broken. The list could go on forever. But does the seller close the door and walk away.

NO!!! Moving damages must be repaired by the seller prior to closing. If the repair can’t be completed prior to closing, a written agreement between the buyer and the seller must be completed stating how the repairs will be completed or if some compensation is reached.

It happens to the best of us. Don’t stress. What causes stress is not communicating with your agent and others about the damage. So, make the call and make everyone aware of the issue. Just like most things in real estate communication goes a long way to solve the problems.  

Until the next time, happy selling, moving and finding your dream house! If you need help with that please call me at 803-840-7519.

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