Why are Rents so High?

Thu, Dec 30th 2010 7:28 am by Kim PeasleyParker Buyer Information
I will be up front with you about this post, it was generated based upon a bad experience of an agent in our office.  She had been showing a possible tenant rentals, when he fly into a tirade in her office about how expensive rentals were when base housing allowance was $X and he needed a larger place because he had a large family. Rent prices in any area comes down to supply and demand.  You remember the concept that was taught in our high school economics class.  It applies to the real estate market for buying and selling properties as well as renting properties. Sumter is experiencing an increase in demand that is higher than the available rentals.  This isn’t uniques to Sumter eithe...

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Renting in Sumter

Thu, Dec 30th 2010 7:27 am by Kim PeasleyParker Buyer Information


The rental market in Sumter is HOT right now.  Many service members who are being stationed at Shaw are choosing to rent due to their short stay at Shaw.  There are many options available for rentals in the Sumter area.  Rentals include single family homes, duplexes and apartment complexes.
I have been asked many times by renters the procedure and what is required to rent a property.  Through many of the Real Estate Brokerages, a renter must complete a rental application and have a credit report pulled for review.  This normally does include in $35 fee for the credit report.  
Most larger apartment complexes have their own rental offices with their own staffs and real estate ...

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Thank You Buyer's Agent

Thu, Dec 30th 2010 7:24 am by Kim PeasleyParker Buyer Information


First, I need to thank a real estate agent who will remain anonymous.  This agent had a buyer and sold one of my listings.  I was present for the home inspection as I didn’t know if my seller was going to be home or not.  I followed the home inspector and buyer around the property and listened to the comments and any issues that arose.  Since the buyer and seller were both present I introduced them and they became fast friends.  (Yes, I know this isn’t the normal thing to happen, but it did.)
Then it happened, one day I was working and my phone rang.  It was my seller.  Cool, we were getting close to closing on the property and needed to discuss that last few details.  To my surpr...

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Why I like Sumter

Thu, Dec 30th 2010 7:22 am by Kim PeasleyParker Activities In and Around Sumter

Why I like living in Sumter.....

Every town has its good and bad points. I have lived in enough towns to know that. But last week it really hit me about what I like about living in Sumter. We always talk about how Sumter has some of the box stores and restaurants of the larger towns, but still maintains that small town feel.  

This was proven to me again by an afternoon of being out with my daughter. Before I even left the house, there was a police car at the end of the driveway. I was putting Maddie into her car seat and saw it pull up out of the corner of my eye. I turned and looked and the young officer greeted me. Then he said “You don’t remember me?” Then it dawned on me it ...

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Riverbanks Zoo

Thu, Dec 30th 2010 7:18 am by Kim PeasleyParker Activities In and Around Sumter


Activities in and around SumterWith family visiting, we decided to take a trip to the zoo in Columbia, SC. From Sumter, this zoo is about a 40 minute drive. For a quick trip with the family, it is a true treasure that is quickly reached and affordable. While having plenty of attractions, it is easy to get around the zoo in a few hours when you have small children.
Toucan Riverbanks ZooI think the best part of the visit for us was when the penguins were waiting to be fed. They get very active and swim across the entire pool area. For us, the biggest joy was watching our daughter Maddie’s reaction. She was so excited she was shaking with excitement and laughing! Pure joy to a parents’ ears.
Though Riverbanks may not compare to o...

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Do You Still Qualify for the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit?

Thu, Dec 30th 2010 7:13 am by Kim PeasleyParker Buyer Information
The 2010 First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit provided an automatic extention for uniformed service members and other Federal Government employees who had been out of the country working from December 31, 2008 through May 1, 2010.  The credit is good for that person or their spouse in the purchase of a primary residence.  The IRS provides information on their web page with the specifics.


If you or your spouse were assigned duty out of the country for 90 consecutive days during the time period listed above, you will qualify for the tax credit for an additional year.  The property you are purchasing must be under contract by April 30, 2011.  
So for many people in the Sumter area, the t...

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Home Inspection Repairs

Thu, Dec 30th 2010 7:11 am by Kim PeasleyParker Buyer Information

Repairs from the Home Inspection

After a home inspection is completed, repairs may be needed for items throughout the home.  Any seller, unless selling property "as-is", needs to be prepared to complete repairs on any items required by the Agreement to Buy and Sell Real Estate
Repairs that are required from an inspection are listed in paragraph 19 of the South Carolina Realtor Association Agreement to Buy and Sell Real Estate.  The agreement specifically states "the cost of all repairs to heating system, air conditioning, plumbing and electrical system to be conveyed, and to make the roof free of leaks, to address environmental concerns and to make the dwelling structurally sound ...

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Friday Red, White and Blue

Thu, Dec 30th 2010 7:10 am by Kim PeasleyParker Activities In and Around Sumter


Friday is Support the Troops day around AgentOwned. Since I started with AgentOwned in December 2007, the tradition has been around. Mama Liz in our Mt. Pleasant office has pushed this tradition with her offices leading the way.
But it is a tradition I try my best to adhear too. Wearing red, white and blue is a small thing we can do to show our support for the men and women who fight for our freedom daily. Freedoms many of us take for granted.
So, THANK YOU to our troops for protecting our freedoms and the sacrifices they make.

Friday is Support the Troops day around AgentOwned. Since I started with AgentOwned in December 2007, the tradition has been around. Mama Liz in our Mt. ...

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Buyer Agency in Sumter Real Estate

Thu, Dec 30th 2010 7:08 am by Kim PeasleyParker Buyer Information

Buyer Agency Buyer Agency is a term used to describe the relationship between a real estate purchaser and a real estate agent.  Every buyer is a customer until a Buyer Agency Agreement is signed.

As a customer, the buyer receives limited services limited to:
  • Present all offers in a timely manner
  • Account for money or other property received on your behalf
  • Provide an explanation of the scope of services to be provided
  • Be fair and honest and provide accurate information
  • Disclose any "adverse material facts" about the property of the transaction which are within the licensee's knowledge
As a buyer you have every right to remain a customer.  As a customer,...

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