Buying A Foreclosure in Sumter, SC Part 7 - What Kind of Windows Are These?

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Buying a Foreclosed Home in Sumter, SC Part 7

What Kind Of Windows are These?


When looking for a foreclosed home in Sumter, SC a buyer needs to be aware of the type of windows that are in the home.  Most newer homes have vinyl double pane windows.  These windows are currently the choice of most builders.  While not being the top of the line, the vinyl windows are the standard and used as replacement windows in most homes.  Vinyl windows typically have the dividers between the glass and the bottom window will tilt out for easy cleaning.     


Buying a Foreclosure in Sumter SC What Kind of Windows are These woodWhen you get into older homes you run into either wooden windows or aluminum windows.   Both of these types of windows are single pane glass and storm windows are used for extra insulation and also for screens.  Wooden windows may have dividers in them and are made up of several panes of glass.  The wooden windows also require maintenance with the painting on the interior and exterior.  Aluminum windows consist of two panes of glass in each slash with an aluminum divider between the panes. 


Buying a Foreclosure in Sumter SC Aluminum WindowsDepending on the condition of the windows in any property, a buyer of a foreclosed home in Sumter, SC may need to consider replacement windows and the expense of those windows.  If the windows in the home are not standard size, the windows may have to be custom made for the house.  This is an expense that should be looked at when a buyer is looking at a home to purchase and the purchase price. 



Buying a Foreclosed Home in Sumter, SC is an ongoing series of posts, where I am purchasing a foreclosed property to turn into a rental income property.  Follow the posts below to experience the entire process with me. 


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