Buying a Foreclosure in Sumter, SC Part 2 The Counter

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Buying a Foreclosed Home in Sumter, SC Part 2

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The Accept Button Buying a Foreclosure in Sumter, SCIf you read my first post about purchasing a foreclosure you know that the tables were turned on me and it was my turn to sign the paperwork to make an offer on purchasing a home.  After much thought, I signed the paperwork uploaded it with the HomePath offer and hit the submit button.  


I will admit, that evening I kept checking my email.  I check the website for any news.  But nothing changed except it said “Submitted”.  Ok, off to work the next day, and yes was an open tab on my browser.  I would click over and refresh, oh maybe ever 30 minutes if not more frequent.  I would also check my email account to see if I had received any news.  I went to lunch with my husband and he caught me checking emails.  I told him I was seeing if there was any update in the last 30 minutes.  He told me, “Watched pots don’t boil!  Oh, I would be the same way!”  We laughed and ate lunch and went to look at another foreclosure.  Yes, thinking about another as a back up!


The continually checking emails and the website continued all day.  I left the office after 5 and figured no news today.  About 8:50 PM I did a random email check and there it was a Counter Offer from HomePath.  I reviewed the counter offer and talked with my husband and we decided to accept it. 


I went out to the garage (“Man Cave”) where my husband and friend were watching football.  My husband asked, “Did you accept?”  My reply “No not yet.” My husband, “What are you waiting for?” My reply, “I just can’t seem to push the green box.”  After the two of them laughed at me, I went back into the house. 


I grabbed my iPad with new determination.  Come on just hit the button!  Finger pointed approaching the touch screen and no can’t do it!   What is wrong with me?!!! 


I finally return to the garage iPad in hand.  Dustin asks, “Did you do it?”  “No. You do it!”  He was closest to the door and volunteering.  (This is payback for making him sign the offer on his home he purchased over the summer.  He loved watching me squirm and having the tables turned!)  Dustin reaches up and hits the green “Accept” button.  Phew, it is done.  I look at the iPad and the only I could say was “OH C$%P!  Now it is asking me if I really want to accept this offer!”  I look at my husband and tell him, “Your turn.”  He takes the iPad and hits the “Yes” button but then tells me he hit the no button.  After they laugh, I look at the iPad and see the offer was accepted. 


Wow, this is real.  Exciting, happy and looking forward to the closing and the final product!  But I can tell you I am worn out after this week.  And I do want to go visit the house just like a regular home buyer!


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